We specialize in data-driven apps and modern websites. We have over ten years of experience in how to deliver digital projects – from every perspective and from front to back.

Our services

What do we do?

Data-driven apps

We build apps that collect data from many different sources and prepare it in a consolidated manner. They help decision-makers to grasp all important information at a glance.

With our HipSquare app framework, for example, we build dashboard apps for large organizations that replace a large number of Excel and PowerPoint reports, collect data from hundreds of users and proactively identify the need for action.

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Hybrid apps

We build apps that work on all devices: on the desktop, on smartphones and tablets, in the browser. We develop the app once for all devices, which saves you a lot of time and effort.

Modern websites

We build websites that

  • work on all types of devices,
  • Extremely fast charging,
  • are easily navigable and searchable,
  • work for users with and without handicaps.

To do this, we use modern front-end technology. We also work with headless CMS systems such as Contentful or Strapi, of which we are implementation partners.

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TechnologiesTech Stack

We develop our apps based on web technology primarily with React and Angular.

In order to run them as mobile apps and thus support offline capability and push notifications, for example, we like to build them as progressive web apps and package them in Capacitor frames. If there is a special focus on Android and iOS, we also use Flutter.

For our website projects we use Next.js, Gatsby and Remix. As content management systems, we are particularly happy to work with Payload, Strapi and Contentful. We are partners of both Strapi and Contentful.

When we build backends, we use NestJS, Koa or Express (at least usually a TypeScript-based solution). But we also have experience in the Java world, especially with Spring Boot.

Our projects

We have implemented many exciting projects of which we are really proud. Here you will find a small selection. Because we often work on strategically important projects, we unfortunately cannot name all our clients.

To get an insight into our technology and our projects, look at our blog

International insurance provider
We support an international insurance company in developing a scalable front-end framework based on Angular and deploying it worldwide. We implement features, conduct workshops and onboardings, and keep in touch with the global developer community to keep improving the framework.
European Automobile Club
For a large automobile club, we implemented a new website based on Contentful, Cloudinary and Gatsby, which delivers large amounts of content with high performance and is precisely tailored to the requirements of the target group and editors.
German camping car rental company
Together with a partner agency, we have designed and implemented a system for the management of camping vehicles. We helped shape the architecture from the outset, implemented the cloud-native backend with NodeJS and Express, and drove the frontend forward with Angular.
Munich-based video studio operator
For the operator of a Munich video studio, we built an Android, iOS and web app to plan studio recordings cooperatively as a team and to control light, camera, sound and image during recording.
Provider of a legally compliant video consultation
For a leading provider of legally compliant video consulting, we have implemented a marketplace where customers can share and sell consulting content (e.g. presentations). We implemented the frontend with Angular and the backend with NodeJS/Nest and advised on the overarching architecture and conception.
Digital driving log
We have developed a fully digital, automatic driving logbook for iOS and Android. The two apps are built natively with Swift and Kotlin, the backend is hosted on a Docker Swarm environment and implemented with Express. For this purpose, an Angular-based portal is available to customers.
An app to track cows
For a European network of farmers' associations, we have developed a GPS-based tracking system that allows farmers to locate their cows and receive alarms when the cows move out of a defined grazing area.
Website for a charity organization
For a large Bavarian charity organization, we have implemented a new, high-performance and accessible website based on Strapi and Next.js.

Our values

While our projects are diverse, we always live true to our values:


We don't talk big, we get down to business.


We only sell what we believe in.


We are ambitious, but we stay realistic.


When we promise something, we do everything we can to keep it.


We give constructive feedback – and demand it from our employees and customers so that we can grow together.


We want to understand the big picture and not limit ourselves to one silo.


We think along with you and ahead. We take your problem and find a solution with you.


We believe that teams work best when everyone contributes according to their strengths, when everyone motivates each other and learns from each other.


What we do, we do out of conviction.