Collect and consolidate information for decision makers

Dashboard Apps

We build apps that collect data from many sources and make it available in a consolidated manner. Our apps help decision-makers to grasp all essential information at one glance.

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Data in large companies is collected in many different sourcesGood data, good decisions

Decision-makers must be able to rely on their data to make fact-based decisions. However, data is stored in many different systems, for example:

  • Back-Office-Systeme wie SAP ERPs,
  • CRM systems such as Salesforce,
  • File repositories such as OneDrive and Sharepoint,
  • Excel and PowerPoint files on shared drives,
  • Reports that are sent via email.

Transparency through consolidationThe goal: all information in one tool

To be able to make reliable decisions quickly, you need up-to-date, relevant data prepared for your purposes. We call these: dashboards.

Use dashboards to aggregate the information relevant to you from various data sources and display it in a clear and concise manner.

Connect all relevant data sources and supplement data with information that your stakeholders can maintain directly in the tool (e.g. in the browser or in mobile apps).

Be proactively informed if, for example, certain KPIs are below their target values or data deliveries are delayed.


As a company with many disconnected data sources, you have a number of challenges to overcome:

Consolidating data means manual effort

In order to get an overview (e.g. in dashboards) and make informed decisions, companies often implement manual processes to consolidate data. Project Management Organizations (PMOs)

manually consolidate data in Excel reports, manually create slide decks from them, collect information manually by e-mail, manually inform stakeholders about deadlines, manually escalate to management in the event of deviations from targets, have to work with inconsistent data because there are too many unaligned data sources. This manual work is repetitive, error-prone, and resource-intensive.

Traditional business intelligence tools do not efficiently solve data consolidation and reporting challenges

With classic business intelligence (BI) systems, data from many sources can be consolidated and uniform reports can be generated. However, in most cases, these systems require custom implementations to connect new data sources and are inflexible in their reporting capabilities. The cost of initially setting up and configuring these tools and connecting data sources is significant. Often, companies shy away from these large investments and stick to manual processes.

Implementing consolidated reporting tools from scratch is expensive

As an alternative to large BI systems, some organizations implement fully customized solutions. While these solutions offer full flexibility, they do not benefit from existing developments and require significant ongoing maintenance. That's why they are expensive both in the initial implementation and on the fly.

A data consolidation and reporting solution tailored to your needs

The HipSquare Dashboard Framework provides building blocks for a high level of reuse while still allowing flexibility

The HipSquare Dashboard Framework combines

  • ready-to-use building blocks, e.g. UI elements for dashboards, an ETL process for loading and consolidating data, a system for authentication and authorization, a backend for data storage and management, and
  • High flexibility that allows you to create dashboard views in the way that is most relevant to you, import and combine data from many sources, use roles and permissions in the way that works best for you, implement custom processes as needed.

Every application based on the HipSquare Dashboard Framework is fully tailored to your needs and feels like a perfectly tailored, bespoke application. At the same time, we can reuse existing components, saving valuable money and time. Since we run many applications on the framework, your maintenance effort is kept low and new possibilities are continuously added.

Would you like to talk to us about dashboard apps?

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